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1. Whole body workout

Pilates is a total body workout and gravity provides the primary external resistance. Thanks to the specific pilates method you exercise different groups of muscles at the same time.  Pilates focuses on the strong core but by lifting your torso and extending your limbs you also exercise all the other muscles and build a strong, toned body.

2. Long, lean muscles

In complex pilates exercises, different muscle contraction is produced in relation to gravity. An eccentric muscle contraction involves a lengthening of the muscles. This means that you stretch your muscles and they become longer and leaner. If you do pilates regularly, your whole body will become slim and slender.

3. Improved posture

Movement of the spine is a complex process. The spine moves in many directions. In pilates you learn neutral spine alignment, strengthen your back muscles and improve your spinal mobility. One of very important benefits of pilates is that you can improve your posture if you train regularly.

4. Balancing mind and body and reducing stress

Pilates workouts release tension from your muscles. Through implementation of the breathing technique, body awareness, concentration, balance and harmony, pilates can help to relax and reduce stress. De-Stress yourself with Pilates De-Stress.

Pilates Benefits - Why is Pilates good for you?

5. Reducing and preventing back pain

Most back pain is a result of bad posture when sitting, standing or walking. A goal of pilates is to achieve precise, sequential movement of each vertebra. In the vast majority of cases, improvements in alignment, posture and movement quality will have a positive effect in reducing or completely removing symptoms of pain and discomfort in your lower back or upper back.

6. Flexibility

Some pilates exercises emphasize spinal mobility and articulation. Because the lower back naturally arches backwards, many people lack flexibility in their lower back. Spinal flexion tends to open this curve and can help to restore flexibility, which also helps to reduce pain in lower back.

7. ABS  and your POWERHOUSE

If you dream about flat abs, the pilates method is the best to define your abdominals and much more! There is a strong emphasis on the use of abdominals in pilates training. Your powerhouse or core muscles of the body are deep back muscles, abdomen and pelvic floor. Your abdominals play a very important role in protecting your spine, automatically contracting to help stabilize the healthy spine and pelvis just before the movement of the limbs.

8. Pelvis and pelvic floor muscle

The pelvis is a part of your powerhouse.  Pelvic muscles are used to keep your pelvis stable and protect your spine during the exercises. Pelvic floor muscles also provide support. There is a close association between pelvic floor muscles and your abdominals (tranversus abdominis). Toned pelvic floor muscles are a good thing in sex both for you and your partner! It can also help in preventing some types of urinary problems.

As you can see from the above, pilates is not just a workout. It is a system of physical and mental conditioning  that can tone your whole body,  improve your physical strength, flexibility, and coordination, as well as reduce stress and increase your focus. Pilates is your wellbeing booster.

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