Surf Workout, exercises for surfing and surf training that you can do online or in person – finally all in one place

surf workout, exercises for surfing and surf training at homeWhen I created the HIIT Pilates method, as a part-time surfer myself, I quickly realized what a great surf workout it is. A comprehensive surf workout should focus on building core strength, improving balance, increasing flexibility, enhancing cardiovascular endurance, and developing overall muscle strength. The HIIT Pilates method includes 10 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), 40 minutes of Pilates, and 10 minutes of yoga-inspired mindful stretching. The classes are offered both in person and online through Zoom, making HIIT Pilates an excellent option for surf training at home. You can also meet like minded people.




1. Surf Workout: Endurance, Strength & Power

The HIIT section of the HIIT Pilates method is fantastic for boosting cardiovascular health and increasing stamina, both crucial for paddling out and catching waves. These high-intensity intervals mimic the bursts of energy required in surfing.

Surfing demands significant upper and lower body strength. HIIT workouts incorporate powerful, dynamic movements that build overall muscle strength, aiding in paddling power and explosive pop-ups. For instance, exercises like burpees, jump squats, and sprints help develop the explosive power needed for quick pop-ups and navigating through waves.

2. Surf Workout: Core Strength, Balance & Coordination

Pilates emphasizes core stability and strength, which are essential for maintaining balance on the surfboard. Exercises such as planks, side planks, and Pilates roll-ups are great exercises for surfing. They target the core muscles, enhancing strength and stability. When combined with the intensity of HIIT, these core exercises help build the muscle endurance necessary for long surf sessions.

Pilates also focuses on improving balance, coordination, and the body-mind connection, vital for staying present and upright on a moving surfboard. Great exercises for surfing like single-leg squats and balance board drills simulate the instability of surfing and train the body to maintain equilibrium. Combined with yoga inspired poses, these exercises enhance proprioception and body awareness, which are crucial for executing precise maneuvers and staying balanced on the board.

3. Surf Workout: Flexibility

Both Pilates and yoga inspired poses included in the HIIT Pilates method help improve flexibility, which is essential for surfers. Flexibility aids in performing maneuvers with ease and reduces the risk of injuries. For instance, yoga poses like Downward Dog, Pigeon Pose, and Warrior II stretch, all fantastic exercises for surfing. The muscles used in paddling and popping up, improving the range of motion and allowing for more dynamic movements on the waves.

Stretching exercises also alleviate muscle tightness, which can occur from repetitive paddling and being in a crouched position on the board. Incorporating these flexibility routines ensures that surfers can move fluidly and adapt quickly to the changing dynamics of the ocean.

4. Surf Workout: Mental Focus and Breathing

Pilates enhances mental clarity and breathing techniques, helping surfers stay calm and focused in challenging conditions. Controlled breathing is crucial for managing breath during underwater wipeouts and maintaining endurance during long surf sessions. Pilates and Mindful stretching, last section of HIIT Pilates method includes deep, mindful breathing exercises that train surfers to control their breath, reduce anxiety, and maintain focus.


HIIT Pilates: Surf Training at Home

HIIT Pilates classes combine all the necessary exercises for surfing, making them a comprehensive surf workout. These classes are also recorded and published on the website in the on-demand section. Therefore, if you’re not based in London, you can access them and do your surf training at home through on-demand or live Zoom classes. The benefit of in-person or Zoom classes is that you will meet like-minded people, fellow surfers who share your passion.

In summary, the HIIT Pilates method is an excellent surf workout because it covers all the critical components and exercises needed for surfing: endurance, strength, power, core stability, balance, flexibility, mental focus, and breathing. Whether you prefer to do your surf training at home or in person, this comprehensive approach will prepare you for the physical and mental demands of surfing, enhancing your performance and enjoyment on the waves.


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