BENEFITS OF PILATES ONLINE. Is time, money and motivation an issue for you?

A lot of us have busy lives. We want to do so much but sometimes we just don’t have enough time to fit everything in our schedule. We all have to work, look after the loved ones, pick up the kids, go shopping, cook dinner, see friends, study etc. It all costs as well and we have to juggle with time and money to find the best balance. Ok, you can watch youtube videos for free anytime, right? But then the motivation comes into it as well. How do you know you are doing it correctly? The main factors as to why people don’t exercise are: time, money and motivation. This is all covered in benefits of pilates online (e-pilates).


Well, the gym is not always convenient to get to, it can involve  an extra commute or walk which takes up your precious time. That’s why people, for example, shop online these days. With e-pilates you simply have to click a link and it is like the  qualified pilates instructor is in your own home (currently for  free). You both yourself and the instructor can see and hear each other through the use of the web cam. You don’t need to carry your gym bag, commute, be stuck in traffic or get up earlier to exercise. Time saving is certainly one of the benefits of pilates online. As simple as that:) Find out more about e-pilates.


Pilates is an expensive treat. Good pilates studios cost about £14 per hour or more. Gym membership is quite expensive as well. Unfortunately, if you want a good pilates teacher, you may not find them in  the more affordable gyms. With e-pilates there is less upfront cost for the instructors you are both exercising in your own space. Consequently, the cost will be much lower, as low as £5 per class. This is our favourite benefit of pilates online! Three times less! Book the class here.

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Well, not all of us are motivated to watch youtube videos or DVD’s at home on our own. Especially as the instructor can’t see you. It is most likely you do not give 100% and you probably will become disengaged after a couple of times. That’s why we like group classes as we like to share the experience and have a little chat along the way. E-pilates is a group interactive class with a variety of people from around the world. Sometimes one member is in Paris on travel and the other member is in Manchester etc. The atmosphere is nice and you do not need to worry about any insecurities that you may have. This is one of the best benefits of pilates online:)

There are plenty of other benefits of pilates online but definitely time, money and motivation are the main factors which are preventing us from having a strong and healthy body and mind. In today’s society you have to find out what works for you best and stick to it. If time, money and motivation is an issue for you, try e-pilates and tell us what you think. Find out more about benefits of pilates.

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