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Many people don’t go to a fitness centre and there are reasons for that. Often it is not on the way, your commute takes so much time, membership is very expensive, it is raining, you need to pick up your children from school or you just don’t like the atmosphere there. You have a lot on and there are always different priorities: work, family…not enough time, not convenient enough, too expensive… But we all want a beautiful, healthy body! What would you say if you could exercise from the comfort of your own home with a real instructor?


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We have launched live pilates online classes, which will run each Monday: e-Pilates 6:30PM (GMT +1) until further notice. Pilates online is suitable for all levels and it will take about 55 minutes. Pilates online is a group session and all participants can see and hear the instructor and the instructor can see and hear the participants. It is an interactive group pilates class run through web video conference software. It works similarly to Skype, very simply. You don’t need to leave your house and you will be trained and motivated by a real instructor in real time. If you perform an exercise incorrectly, the instructor will be able to see and will correct you.


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All you need is your computer (or laptop), internet connection, web cam, speakers and microphone. Just register with our website, complete the short health form and book the class, it that simple! You will receive invite e-mail with the instructions to connect through Zoom. Each class is private and password protected. Your password will be sent to you by e-mail. Book the class in advance as availability is limited. The class must be booked at least one day before the class.

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 Pilates or yoga mat, if you don’t have a mat don’t worry you can use a thick or folded blanket to protect your body.
‐ Comfortable sports clothing, e.g. leggings and a top.
 No trainers are needed, you can wear socks or even have bare feet.
 Some classes may required dumbbells but you can use small bottles of water or cans of beans.
 Make sure there is lots of light in your room so that the instructor can see you well!


Pilates online is for people who:

‐ have little time

‐ don’t want to commute

‐ don’t like busy gyms

‐ travel a lot

‐ work from home

‐ have caring responsibility

 are not able to leave home easily

You can exercise where it is convenient for you without expensive membership fees. Check benefits of pilates.

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5 thoughts on “Pilates Online

  1. I have taken few classes with Marzena, and I had to admit that they were incredible! I have to mention that it was my first experience with pilates and the way she presented it each time was really appealing even for a beginner. I’ve done a lot of different sports but none of them was so engaging for both, the abs and butt in the same time. I recommend those classes not only for a people who train regularly, but as well for those of us, who need a bit of push to shape their body as they wish it to be but werent motivated enough on their own.

  2. I have had a few Pilates classes with Marzena. Never having done Pilates before I was a little nervous before the first class as I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do the exercises correctly, however with the amazing support and guidance received from Marzena by the end of the class I felt like I’ve been doing Pilates for ages. After a couple of lessons I started noticing an improvement of my lower back pain as well, so I can’t thank Marzena enough for introducing me to the world of Pilates. Being able to do it in the comfort of your own home is an additional benefit so please don’t hesitate giving it a try!

  3. what time the class starts?

    • Hi Nikolas, we have regular classes every Thursday 7pm. We have a promo till Tuesday £7 off with code: FITJUL. Would you be interested? Click ‘Book’ button above to book.

  4. I just had a class with Marzena yesterday. After over yearly break I clearly underestimated the power of pilates! It was amazing. I am all aching but it is a happy aching. Marzena thanks for the class. This is brilliant idea that I don’t have to leave my apartment to be able to exercise. Marzena is very attentive and despite she is on the screen she checks upon their students. Great class and even greater teacher. Well done and please organise more classes!

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