Benefits of Pilates ‐ How pilates makes you stronger, happier and a better person?

There are many benefits of pilates, those who practise know them very well. Each person’s experience is different depending on their needs and preferences. Some benefits of pilates will be more important to others. I have practised for many years and I can list many benefits of pilates. However today I want to focus on how pilates makes you stronger, happier and a better person. These are my favorite benefits of pilates.


Benefits of Pilates – Strength

benefits of pilates

Practising pilates regularly (even only once a week) you will notice a difference in the short space of 3-4 weeks. Thanks to eccentric muscle contraction you increase the strength in your body. Pilates is a full body workout and as a result your whole body become stronger. Yes! Strong body is one of benefits of pilates. Another amazing benefit of pilates is the releasing of endorphins, giving you extra energy throughout the day and combats fatigue. It promotes the movement of your body in everyday life.

When your body is stronger you can do more, your range of movement increases, you are more active, you can walk further and run faster. As a result of pilates, your posture improves and gives you better alignment. Many ankle, knee and back problems that people suffer from stem from bad posture. Lengthening and strengthen your muscles, allows for better body alignment and aids in the prevention of such health issues.


Benefits of Pilates – Better You

With all these benefits you will feel more confident. Your body will be more toned and you’ll see a better you when you look in the mirror. You’ll learn to connect with your mind and body. One of the many great benefits of pilates is that you will feel better about yourself and you share it with other people.


Benefits of Pilates – Happy

If you’ve had a really bad day and you don’t feel like doing anything…do pilates. Don’t miss the class as pilates will make you feel so much better. As a pilates instructor I can’t miss my class because there are people waiting…and I have had many bad days. My favourite benefit of pilates is after the class when you feel happy, and seeing you happy makes me happy. You get a boost of the happy hormone and you forget about the negativity.

Out of the many benefits of pilates these are my favourite. Strong body, happiness, feeling great about yourself and being good to others are beautiful life qualities. You will get this simply from practising pilates regularly. You can try HiiT Pilates with me for free and share your favourite benefits of pilates in the comments below.