Best way to flatten stomach – 5 Most effective flat belly rules

Everyone dreams about having a flat belly and actually it is not that difficult to achieve. If some others can have that flat belly that means that you can have it too. You just have to stick to these 5 flat belly rules below. These are the best way to flatten your stomach. You are on the right track!


Best way to flatten stomach: Flat belly rule no 1: Breakfast


How many times have you heard that you should eat breakfast? This is true, you should never skip your breakfast. As soon as you have breakfast you start burning calories. The sooner you start the more calories you burn! At least one piece of toast and glass of juice will do, but make sure it is multi seeded bread high in fibre. Not feeling hungry in the morning? Maybe because you tend to have a big meal late in the evening? Skip dinner once or have only a small portion and you will be hungry in the morning!


Best way to flatten stomach: Flat belly rule no 2: Snacks


Snacks are good for you. You just have to make sure you are choosing the right snacks and at the right time. Learn a habit to have a 11am & 3-4pm snack, a healthy snack. Timing is key. The 11 o’clock snack is a follow up after breakfast and will help you survive till lunch.

The 3-4pm snack is a must before dinner. At this time of the day you have already run out of energy and you need a little booster. The worst thing you can do is to starve yourself till dinner. The 3-4 pm afternoon snack will help you eat less for dinner, which is the best way to flatten your stomach! Find out more about healthy snack ideas.

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Best way to flatten stomach: Flat belly rule no 3: Lunch


Don’t skip lunch, thinking you will have dinner in the evening. Learn to make your lunch a main meal. Just make sure that your lunch is high in fibre, otherwise you may feel like a long nap and this would not be productive at work. Simply replace white rice or pasta with brown rice or wholemeal pasta. Get organised and prepare lunch boxes for the whole week. For example cook more and freeze the remaining food. This will help you save a bit of money too.


Best way to flatten stomach: Flat belly rule no 4: Early small dinner 


This is probably the most important rule but you need to stick to all the previous rules to make this one happen. If you want to wake up with a flat belly every morning your last meal should not be later than 7-8pm and the portion should be only small. If you follow all the rules above, this won’t even be a problem. After 4 meals during the day you won’t even be hungry anymore and that is the purpose!

Best way to flatten stomach: Flat belly rule no 5: Exercise


To burn abdominal fat you need to do some cardio training like running or swimming and to tone up your abdominal muscles probably there is nothing better than a pilates workout. If you do pilates regularly a couple of times a week, it will define your abs (and whole body) in a short time. And the best way to flatten your stomach is to do HiiT Pilates as you will burn fat and tone muscles at t he same time in one workout. You can try HiiT Pilates for free here.

If you follow these 5 rules, you will see the difference soon. The whole purpose of the above is that you eat 5 small portions of food every couple of hours. Small portions are much easier and quicker to digest and therefore they keep your tummy flat. The key element in achieving a flat belly is what you eat and when you eat. The sooner in the morning you start eating the earlier you have your last meal and the flatter your tummy will be. That is the best way to flatten your stomach.

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